Alan Cain gives encouragement to our youngest guest

Andrew Morrell discusses effective self defence strategy

Instructor Alastair Hall from Protea Kick boxing - demo

That seems to work.

Alan Cain causes pain

Silvio Simac instructs the full class.

Andrew Manwarring 6th Dan still learning new techniques, seen here with Nev Palmer

Defendo skills in action

Jon Tilley shows of his Teenage Cancer Trust TShirt and tries one of Silvio Simacs kicking routines

Redman AKA Pete goes for the kill, but big John from York Shidokan dispatches him with ease

The other young lad gets a go.

John Yarwood from Shuko Karate goes for the punch.

Nev Palmer from the Tae Kwon Do blackbelt academy trains with Andrew Manwaring

Everyone gets stuck in.
Dan and Nigel from Protea try the same kicking routine.

Sensei David Gibbons from Suttons Academy from Suttens academy Okinawan Go - ju Ryu

Nigel and Dan get the attention of Silvio Simac

Sensei Andrew Morrell shows his control.

Instructor Alastair Hall and Pete try another army technique

Jon Tilley enjoys the day

Simon from Shuko Karate strangles Jessica from the same club. What a gentleman - not.